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In 2004, Larry’s Barber College doors opened in Chicago, IL. Larry’s Barber College mission is to provide the community a positive, professional atmosphere for barber training, career development, client servicing and mentoring to provide students a better alternative than the streets. Larry’s Barber College is very effective in communicating this message, which led to an opportunity to open Larry’s Barber College II in 2006. Since the establishment of the first barber college in 2004 and another in 2006, Larry’s Barber College has expanded to Joliet, IL. And now Rockford, IL.

In 2010, Larry’s Barber College, under the leadership of Larry Roberts, Jr., made history by opening the first barber college inside Cook County Department of Corrections. This was the first of its kind and many did not believe that it would work because of the lack of funds that Department of Corrections had. Larry and his team not only accepted the challenge, they took the bull by the horns and successfully enrolled and graduated over 300 inmate’s, both men and women. Larry’s Barber College has created an alternative to violence. The barber college inside Cook County Jail does not receive any monetary compensation from Department of Corrections, and everything financially needed to continue the success of the barber college is funded through Data Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization founded and operated by Larry Roberts Jr.

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